John Oliver is Running Cable Network Ads to School Trump on Basic Facts Presidents Should Know |

The Bowling Green massacre. The inauguration turnout. The voter fraud that cost him the popular vote. Donald Trump lives in an alternative universe with alternative facts, but John Oliver isn’t having any of it. After a three-month hiatus, his show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver returned to HBO Sunday (Feb. 12) with biting commentary…

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NIKE Embraces Equality |

Nike is the latest big brand to embrace a more inclusive tone in a company advertisement. Over the weekend, the world’s largest athletic-gear maker debuted a new film/advertisement called “Equality,” which features several Nike-endorsed athletes including NBA star LeBron James and tennis champion Serena Williams. The film aired during the Grammys and will also air…

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Roxane Gay reads and discusses Difficult Women with Saeed Jones of BuzzFeed at 92Y [12JAN17]

“Everything caters to the male gaze and I just, I’m not interested in that as a writer, and so, I want to write stories where women are centered, even if their stories exist, in part, because of something that has happened with a man.”

Roxane Gay

I have a deep, abiding love and respect for Roxane Gay. I would follow her to Reno without hesitation, asking only one (wholly important) question, “lipstick or boots?” 

 I see her. And I know that she sees me.
92Y | Roxane Gay | Difficult Women  

Newlyweds Nail Iconic ‘Dirty Dancing’ Routine at Wedding – Yahoo–abc-news-sex.html?cid=social_twitter_gma

Read a Transcript of Kanye West’s 4-Minute Monologue From the VMAs — TIME

Kanye West took the VMA stage Sunday night having been given four minutes to do whatever he pleased — and given the rapper’s penchant for controversy, people expected something revolutionary — even shocking. Instead, West announced plans to debut a music video for “Fade,” but said, “before I do that, I’ma talk.” He covered a…

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I am still trying to figure out how he was given 4 minutes to speak when “wrap it up NOW” music usually starts somewhere between 30-60 seconds for other artists…

Audio collection of Maya Angelou reading her poems



There are few sounds more beautiful or powerful than Dr. Maya Angelou as she reads her poetry out loud. She expertly draws you into the poem’s setting, mood and emotions through use of timed pauses in conjunction with changes in the rhythm, tone and volume of her voice. Listeners are provided with a deep understanding of Dr. Angelou’s interpretation of the poem.


Listening to these clips made me think about Ms. Flowers, whom Dr. Angelou credits with instilling in her an abiding love of words, reading books, and the importance of education, and an interview I saw years ago wherein Dr. Angelou talks openly about painful events in her childhood and shares a lot about Ms. Flowers.

Link to YouTube video of interview of Maya Angelou after the release of her book i know why the caged bird sings.

Every time I have watched, listened, or read the words of Maya Angelou, I am acutely aware that I am in the presence of a truly great human.


Piano Lullabies by Claude Debussy accompanied by fantastic art montage

Papa from Natalie LaBarre (Vimeo Staff Pick_


When an eccentric inventor realizes he’s not a perfect father, he tries to make one.
PAPA will be on the big screen at BAM on February 27th and 28th!
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