Join Senator Cory Booker’s 2017 Summer Book Club

To kick off our 2017 Book Club, we’ve chosen a must-read book that takes a hard look at the human impact on our environment. Elizabeth Kolbert’s Pulitzer-prize winner, The Sixth Extinction, has been recommended to me by so many people I’ve lost count. And as we head into a year when we’ll need to fight even harder for a more sustainable future, it’s an especially important read—I hope you’ll join me and open this book right away.
Here’s where you can sign up for it. 


I don’t belong in Tech — CodeNewbie founder Saron Yitbarek.

“I feel you whisper make the world a better place as you drift to sleep, so obsessed with changing it that you forget that the world is made up of little people like me.” CodeNewbie founder Saron Yitbarek writes about her relationship with the tech industry.

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#45 officially signed a cruel, anti-refugee executive order — Fusion

On Holocaust Remembrance Day—a somber day some used to remember those killed in Nazi concentration camps after being turned away from entering the U.S.—President Donald Trump signed executive orders implementing “extreme vetting” of refugees in an effort to keep “radical Islamic terrorists” out. “We don’t want ’em here.

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Celebrating New York City’s Streetball Culture — TIME

In New York City, if there’s one thing that signifies summer, it’s streetball. Known for its high energy and aggressive playing style, streetball is defined by Oxford dictionary as an “informal type of basketball played especially in urban areas such as parking lots, playgrounds, etc.” Some of New York City’s legendary courts, including Rucker Park…

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