Book Review of Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

Before the FallBefore the Fall by Noah Hawley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A gripping thriller that also goes into the deep pit of survivor’s guilt, Before the Fall is both intelligent and emotional. A plane full of important and wealthy passengers crashes, and the only survivors are the heir to a vast fortune and the only seemingly unimportant person on board – a painter named Scott Burroughs. The novel moves back and forth between the aftermath of the crash, where Scott is a hero for saving the four-year-old heir, and the sixteen minutes before the crash happened, where we’re given glimpses into the backstories of the various passengers during their final moments. As Scott is hounded by the media, we begin to wonder – was the crash a setup? Is there a conspiracy afoot to kill these powerful people? Or is it just a mysterious coincidence?

My thoughts on Before the Fall:
I absolutely fell unromantically in love with Scott Burroughs. I know his heart and understand how far removed his life path feels to him because I, too, experienced a profound loss of a person early in my life. A loss that has affected me in a multitude of ways, known and unknown, admitted and unacknowledged. Scott’s resistance to interaction with today’s on-demand world of non fact-based gossip and opinion pieces that are promoted, ingested and revered as “news” is our common struggle.

Several other characters in Before The Fall elicited similar feelings of familiarity and understanding in me. I was interested and invested in learning how they got to this place in their lives and why they made the decisions and took the actions that lead them to these moments and watching them navigate the new reality of life after the fall.

I received an ARC of Before The Fall from the publisher through NetGalley and listened to the audiobook version from my public library through OverDrive.

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