Feminist Artist Embroidered Rap Lyrics Onto Lingerie To Start A Conversation



Article written by Priscilla Frank, Arts Writer, The Huffington Post

It would be nice if all of our passions corresponded neatly with our ideals. Then all of our convictions, rituals, turn ons and hobbies could fit easily into a single, orderly box, with no stray quirks or preferences. Alas, life is sloppy and complex and so are we. As a result, sometimes our beliefs and our interests can butt heads, leading to an internal struggle that’s hard to qualify and comprehend. 

The above quote is the first paragraph in Priscilla Frank’s story about a woman who, like myself, bears a deep and substantial conflict of interests – an unabiding respect, love, and commitment for her womanly, feminine self in complete contradiction to the pleasure she derives from rap music that contains highly mysnogistic lyrics. Ms. Frank offers [and I greedily accept!] the best explanation of why internal conflicts with external interests are not only possible, but are an expected and acceptable consequence of living as a feminist woman in America circa 2016.


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