Audio collection of Maya Angelou reading her poems



There are few sounds more beautiful or powerful than Dr. Maya Angelou as she reads her poetry out loud. She expertly draws you into the poem’s setting, mood and emotions through use of timed pauses in conjunction with changes in the rhythm, tone and volume of her voice. Listeners are provided with a deep understanding of Dr. Angelou’s interpretation of the poem.


Listening to these clips made me think about Ms. Flowers, whom Dr. Angelou credits with instilling in her an abiding love of words, reading books, and the importance of education, and an interview I saw years ago wherein Dr. Angelou talks openly about painful events in her childhood and shares a lot about Ms. Flowers.

Link to YouTube video of interview of Maya Angelou after the release of her book i know why the caged bird sings.

Every time I have watched, listened, or read the words of Maya Angelou, I am acutely aware that I am in the presence of a truly great human.



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