Unspeakable Things by Kathleen Spivack

Unspeakable ThingsUnspeakable Things by Kathleen Spivack
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unspeakable Things is a haunting tale of the depth of depravity humans are capable of enduring and sustaining within as told through a tale that centers on a group immigrants who fled to NYC in the 1940’s from Europe during WWII and the ugly, unspeakable thoughts and acts that define them. They have brought all of the unspeakable things with them, carrying them knowingly and involuntarily into their place of freedom. The irony of this book is essential – speaking so graphically, loudly, and in such detailed, beautiful prose about the unspeakable things humans harbor in their hearts, minds, and soul, how humans act and fail to act upon while believing they are doing so to protect or promote a common or their own individual humanity – and rife throughout this masterpiece.

I was wrecked for days after reading this book. Staring at such harsh, undigestible truths; witnessing each of the imnunerable dark, deeply disturbing acts; I was laid bare, vulnerable, bereft. And that, my fellow readers, is a hallmark of the very best kind of book.

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