Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen


cover of Miller's Valley by Anna Quindlen

Miller’s Valley: A Novel by Anna Quindlen 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an electronic advanced reader’s copy of Miller’s Valley from the publisher, Penquin Random House, through NetGalley in exchange for posting my honest review of the book.

Mimi Miller, the incredibly engaging protagonist of this novel, reveals the story of her uniquely American life experience through a beautiful form of narration – her true-voice, laced with humor, dignity and respect for the people and town who shaped her but are no longer physically present. After decades of natural floods wreaking havoc and death on the community, Miller’s Valley is set to be intentionally flooded and turned into a man-made waterway by the Government. Mimi shares her personal discoveries and reflections of the years leading up to this event, and in doing so, shows us that no matter how meaningful and deeply we love and are loved by any person, group of people or place, nothing is meant to last forever and our imperfections are what holds us together. How should one feel and act when they have no control over forces change that from which their personal and communal identities are made?


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