The Library At Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

I received an advanced reader’s copy of The Library at Mount Char through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review of the book after publication.

the library at moutn char

The Library at Mount Char is fantasy at its very best. The book centers on the story of a woman named Carolyn as she outmaneuvers and outwits her adopted siblings and “Father” to become God. Carolyn and her family lived a normal life in a suburban American neighborhood. During a summertime community event twenty years ago, Father caused a storm that orphaned eight-year-old Carolyn and several other children of around the same age. Since that time, Father has raised each of the children to focus on one task – to master a power assigned by Father from his library. The children have grown up in a harsh environment, learning ancient skills and magical powers with little affection or emotional care. The family is ruled by the cruel and mostly unloving Father. When the story begins, the children are now masters of their assigned skills, Father is missing and feared dead and Carolyn is the most approachable, “normal,” member of her horrifying family. She has secretly learned several of her siblings’ powers, which Father strictly forbid, and is working towards toppling the hierarchy of the family before she or mankind is permanently harmed. Carolyn is a strategic genius and is the victor over all of the other much stronger players in a devastating and deadly fierce competition to control all of creation. Her sin of omission and greatest weakness is that, she forgets to protect the essence of her humanity. Therein lies the true conflict and lessons of The Library at
Mount Char.


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