You, Negatively

Negative mental chatter is something that most, if not all, people grapple with at one point or another in their professional/personal lives. This is what goes on between the ears when you talk yourself out of doing something for reasons that are not always well-founded. The belief that you cannot do something and focusing on all the reasons why you cannot accomplish your career goals will hinder you from even trying. Sometimes it is mistakenly believed that mulling over a scenario including everything that may go wrong is a necessary part of brainstorming. This could not be further from the truth, not only is it unnecessary it is counterproductive and will often end up creating the opposite effect. It is easy to allow unchecked mental chatter to steal opportunities, relationships, and promotions from you. The mistaken believe that failure is looming around the corner will short circuit any potential towards advancement. This negative mental blocking will cause some to shy away from applying for jobs while others will move full speed ahead with the determination to succeed even though they may not meet all of the requirements necessary for a certain position.
This mental cancer is just as harmful as having a cancerous cell in your physical body. Just as a cancer cell metastasizes, grows, and spreads throughout your body if it is not caught and removed in its early stages negative thoughts can have the same devastating effects. Do not fool yourself into believing that the negative thoughts that you have do not develop into mental blockages that will cause you to eventually act in accordance with this pessimistic thinking pattern. Oftentimes a person will choose to develop persistent negative thinking as a way to avoid challenging themselves and moving beyond mediocrity.


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