Omari Hardwick Launches A Torrent After An Inapropos Prejudice Storm (very) Unexpectantly Soaked His Family

Today i’m splintered like the tree done the same after the lightening after the rain quiet is my pain….most high means my name. Today though, i feel so low….today i feel solo. Today i got to set and didn’t feel set. The game not done yet has been my sure bet….but today even my best hand to play feels done. Today the wall won. I can’t find the gas to climb it. Today i am 41 going on 1….i’m reminded. Heart pitter patter….JaMie’s got a gun….and holding it to omari’s ghost telling him to run forest into the forests RUN faster. Today i feel scattered & stunned…knowing how much God has made me matter to some, but growing more into gray matter & numb. Today my feet feel of deplete. Today the calloused underneath stuck to the concrete. Today i feel all powered down. The black prose written on a page aged into a faded brown. Today there is too much of too much all around. Today i just need to rest….to sit….to stare….. And think about the Harriet Tub(women) of our land & how much they’ve endured to make it where Martin Kings could even stand. And think about how my Grandfathers furthered my chances to be of high demand. While starving youth from unfinished projects all the way to Sudan scrape up enuf to swallow more than truth & pride. I sit & stare….& think of the tireless stride of the march of the penguin’d prophets in our world who predicted all the violence here. I think about my Hero….who fractured her mind body & even soul to birth my 1st son who never made it to a day old. I think about all those birds of feathers weathered & the miles clocked on their soles…..& then i hear the horns of our millions of soldiers chanting oooh how far we are from home. And then Today all the sudden the chatter of my sob poem told becomes the silence of closeted bones turned cold. From where i’m sitting, i can see the light at the end of the (P)ainbow turning into gold…

“Today there is too much of too much all around.”

A photo posted by Omari Hardwick (@omarihardwickofficial) on Dec 16, 2015 at 1:20pm PST



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