So this happened. Amazon has The Book of Speculation in their best 100 books of 2015. That’s…

There are a lot of books released every year.

Books get lost.

I didn’t get lost.

It’s a best debut of 2015. Think of people who debuted this year.

Angela Flournoy.

J. Ryan Stradal. Sarai Walker. Mia Alvar. Alexandra Kleeman. Lauren Acampora. Just… go look. Please. Go buy them. Read them. Take them out of your library.

Sometimes the only way to appreciate your work is to appreciate how good everyone around you is, and to make them make you better.

Holy crap.

I didn’t get lost.

Thank you.

Fantastic news! I listened 🎧 to The Book of Speculation and was mesmerized by not only your unique story, but the combination of historical fiction, magic 🔮 and real modern day characters. It was phenomenal 🐛 and you deserve any and all awards🏆 bestowed upon you. I am looking forward to a lot of good novels 📚 to be written by you in the years to come. Heartfelt 🐘 congratulations!


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