Am I “privileged”?

Willow's Corner

privilege video

So, this video came across my Facebook today and got me furious, I mean curious.  Many times (moreso these days than most) I’ve been accused of having “white privilege” and living in the lap of luxury and not knowing what it’s like to be prejudged by the color of my skin. It’s infuriating really because more often than not, the people making these accusations (often behind the anonymity of the Internet) know nothing about my socio-economic background. They know nothing of my life, but they blithely accuse me of all kinds of atrocities based on nothing but the whiteness of my skin. Ironic much? So I thought I’d answer the questions in the video (found here) and see where I fall on their “privilege” scale.  Now, based on the video, it appears that you move forward or backwards if the question tells you to, but remain in…

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