Miley Cyrus’ Surprise Album Is Bigger Than the VMAs

Whether you enjoyed Miley as a host or not, she continues to get the conversation about her. I was not pleased that smoking pot was lauded as the thing to do to feel good, to chill when stressed, in such an in my face manner by Miley, Kanye, and, well, an entire show of performers. It made me uncomfortable, their shameless pusher mentality. I, personally, do not believe pot to be anymore of a gateway drug than alcohol – they equally teach us that there are chemical ways to escape and/or face our problems. What disturbed me was the cavalier manner in which these grown up teen idols celebrated drug use in a stage meant to celebrate music.


It’s been almost two years since Beyoncé purportedly changed the music industry with her surprise drop of her self-titled album in December of 2013—and it seemed, until now, that she hadn’t, really. In the months following the release of Beyoncé, artists of a similar caliber were treated as time bombs. Surely, soon, one of them would follow suit and surprise us all with a new album. But none of them ever did. Until tonight, when Miley Cyrus announced her new album, apparently titled Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, such hopes went unanswered.

Cyrus plays on the same field as fellow singers including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift, but all of her contemporaries have remained bound by a rigid schedule dictated by record companies or by their own reliance on old-school promotional cycles. Her drop of a new album isn’t imaginative, strictly speaking—after all, Beyoncé did…

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