Red Pill Epiphanies

See, there's this thing called biology...

I’ve written about the manosphere several times, and frequently the red pills. Red Pills are a subset of the manosphere, this group of men and a tiny handful of women who use a lot of Matrix terminology to support a kind of cult like mentality that revolves around masculinity, generally male superiority in all things. I’ve written rather hysterically about some of the “Christian” red pills when it has become obvious to me that some have strayed so far from scripture as to send me into a full-blown anxiety attack. These are not small theological quibbles, but rather huge and unmistakably problematic themes like we don’t believe in love, Christ, several books in the bible, or women in general. From there we progress to “pour your hatred over them all..”

Not all mind you, I do not paint all so-called red pills with the same brush, but many of them.

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