Killing It with Kindness: Incorporating Sustainable Assessment through Kindness Audits

Imagine the potential increased level of employee engagement and morale that could be achieved by assessing a company’s kindness factor through Kindness Audits.

Mr. Library Dude

Last month, Jessica Olin of Letters to a Young Librarian and I gave a presentation about kindness audits at the Association of College and Research Libraries virtual conference.

Brief Description:
Learn how to design and conduct a kindness audit, a low-cost and high-reward assessment method that helps librarians examine barriers to library services and spaces through a user experience lens. Varying methods for kindness audits, lessons learned, and suggestions for identifying and implementing low-cost improvements for library spaces and services, will all be discussed.

Presentation Slides:
Below are our slides from the presentation.

Presentation Notes:
This post is a lot longer than what is normally published on this blog, but both Jessica and I want to make as much of the virtual session presentation we gave for ACRL 2015 available as we can.

This post is identical to the one published on my presentation partner’s blog.

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“Demystifying Summary Judgment Motions”

The challenge of reviewing and analyzing all of the documents produced by the parties and the testimony of witnesses and parties in conjunction with a review of all pleadings filed thus far in a case in preparation of summary judgment briefing is the adrenaline to which I have become addicted. #paralegalhighs

The Paralegal Society™

By: Daphne Drescher, CP

Welcome back! We’re hoping this post finds you moderately happy, partially-sane, and ready to soak up brilliant tidbits of legal knowledge delivered via the gleaming, silver spoon method! Today, Daphne is here to tell you what you need to know about summary judgment motions; I gotta say it’s one of the best overviews I’ve read on the topic. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced Paralegal Olympian running yet another breathless day through the challenging legal gauntlet, this post is for you! The demystification of summary judgment motions begins now.

[Open mind, and insert legal brilliance here]

Reprinted with permission from Proparalegal:

There is one very basic premise upon which summary judgment motions are based. The job of the trier of fact (whether jury or judge) is to determine the facts, while determining the law is a job for the judge alone. If there are no facts actually in…

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1.3 Million Indiana Voters Should Be Outraged!

The Paralegal Society™

By:  Jamie Collins

Some days an Indiana blogger has to say what she must.
This is one of those days…

(Or at least it did in the past).

On November 6, 2012, more than 1.3 million voters showed up at polls all across the State of Indiana to cast ballots and elect Glenda Ritz as the Superintendent of Public Instruction of our state. The elected official serving in this position has always been in charge of education, and served as the chair of the State Board of Education in Indiana—in charge of the board in that role—for more than one hundred years. Since 1913, to be precise. When voters elected Ritz in 2012, it was clearly their intent for her to be in charge of education in Indiana and run the board, as dictated by 102 years of history.

On April 7, 2015the Republican majority Senate passed Senate…

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Outstanding in the Rain

Frank Viva

A lovely illustrated celebration of words and how we make meaning: